Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Waste time at work!

Here are two videos that have crossed my path the past few days and I felt our unibloggal readership (all 12 of you) would appreciate. First up, my main man Eddie Vedder. I've had a crush on Eddie since I was 14. My mom almost made me take down the sign I had hanging in my room "Eddie Vedder is a god" because she thought it was sacrilegious. Gotta love those teen years. Anyway, Eddie is famous for poorly annunciating almost every single Pearl Jam song, and there is no better example of this then Yellow Ledbetter. One Pearl Jam fan decided to get down to the bottom of the lyrical confusion and posted this little ditty on YouTube.

The second time suck for you to enjoy is a little 80s fashion show hosted by the incomparable Mr. T. These fashion mavens have some sweet threads and pretty much look exactly like every single hiptard showcased on Blue States Lose each Friday. My how times have NOT changed. It time for a new trend people.


Shannon said...

re: jeff - is that you billy?

Leslie Miller said...

both of these videos are so rad! now where's my ketchup sash?!