Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday dating tip: Date a Hot Scot

Great news! I’ve come up with a solution to my waning ovary problem: This brilliant contest from Continental Airlines.

You may not be aware of my obsession with Scottish men, but let me explain that during my junior year abroad in Scotland, I basically managed to shag the entire country. My dating policy that year: If there’s a kilt, I’m under it.

They seriously don’t wear underwear underneath those things, I guarantee it.

I recommend that you keep that little factoid in mind when you peruse through this varied array of eligible Scots. I know I will tonight in bed while I watch each video clip and bring myself to multiple orgasms at the soothing sound of their husky brogue. I’m already excited.

My plan is to win the contest, travel to Scotland and nab me one of these Hottie-Scotties to be my baby-daddy. It shouldn’t be too difficult, the Scottish men love American women (we’re easy and can’t hold our whiskey). Then I can give birth to a baby in a kilt with a hot little accent.

And if there’s one thing all we women want, it’s a sexy baby.

(thanks for the link, Claire)


New Agey No Friends said...

oh how I adore this post. auds did you know that I'm scottish? someday I should show you my plaid.

erin is gross said...

thanks for covering the big friday for me. i was excused from jury duty (I'M ABOUT TO BREAK THE LAW) which kind of sucks because the case was about a man suing a dude for rear ending his wife. since the accident 4 years ago, they haven't been able to have sex. oh the jokes!