Tuesday, May 15, 2007

teen beat tuesday: c'mon c'mon feel it feel it

hi. i love mark wahlberg because:
he can do devil horns on his privates, used to have huge boob muscles and was a bsg when i was in high school. also,

sometimes he's kind of rugged in that yummy construction worker way. this mark probably eats cheeseburgers from carls jr and watches football. either that or he really likes camping, but either way he has a truck. trucks appeal to a most girls in an entirerly unexplainable manner. in addition,

somehowe he looks hot with a gun. lastly,

he cleans up hella nicey and has this hot monkey-ish spit mouth when he talks. he could probably say the eff word in the middle of action and you'd like it.

1 comment:

laurin said...

i definitely feel the vibration!