Tuesday, May 01, 2007

teen beat tuesday: last of the famous international playboys

i am fully aware that morrissey would never be interested in taking off his clothes in my presence. however, i am forever in awe of how amazing he's kept himself looking over the years. he's 47 years old (eek, he's the same age as my step dad, creepy) and looks like a silver fox. a silver fox who wears pink ties and sings songs like hand in glove (go check the lyrics). i once had a similar crush on my college art theory professor. he couldn't have cared less about me, but i was obsessed with his outfits and grey hair.

morrissey wears faux suede monochromatic suits on stage. on stages such as the paramount theatre where i will be this evening pretending i'm a 15 year old boy. i've seen him live six times and still can't help but excited thinking about how awesome he is. how he sticks to his non-smith-reuniting principles. how he gave the best interview ever in the april 2006 issue of spin. i have a rather ragged copy if you're interested in borrowing it. i'm a dork.

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QuarBy said...

i was there. super show.