Friday, May 04, 2007

chick tv to the max

so, i don't know if any of you watch grey's anatomy which usually goes between being totally great in a ER blows and i can't watch another episode of CSI type of way. also, everyone on the show is fairly hot and there's a good amount of frenching and stuff. so main girl babe, kate walsh is getting spunned off into her own new show called "private practice." last night they merged regular kind of awesome grey's anatomy with weird a weird other story from private practice. not only did they cast a non hot guy as the hot guy (who sort of looks like the blues clues guy) and taye diggs who i'm pretty sure is a sure fire way to get cancelled before you started (remember kevin hill!?! didn't think so), but they showed the grossest tv kiss ever.

anyway, last night they previewed kate walsh (addison's) trip from seattle to LA by showing the requisite beverly hills hotel signs and santa monica ferris wheel and people surfing shots. then she went to some doctor's office and blah blah freakin blah, this happened:

please fast forward to about 4:29 (almost the end, i know). you will see this weird kiss that's sort of like duck lips meets mush mouth. like tongue mania all over the place. it's weird. i hate it when women talk about eggs. it's gross.


stephanie said...

in my humble (usually grey's lovin') opinion this episode sucked in a serious talking to the elevator spirit/kiss you with tongue/ dead hiccupping step mother kind of a way. mc dreamy better bone that chick in the bar from scenes from the next or the show is totally goin down.

billy said...

vom town

ps i love the soul glo music in the background.

Audrey said...

I wrote a whole post about my eggs. Does that mean I'm gross? (btw, if a guy ever said "I'm gonna kiss you with tongue" to me, I think I might have to barf in his mouth.)