Tuesday, May 01, 2007

adventures in babysitting

could ya'll start procreating so i can ruin your kids' lives already.
i stumbled upon this website yesterday and i cannot stop oogling over the baby costumes. while the food series is my favorite, there are tons of other gems in there as well (not to mention some amazing pet costumes). i'm not baby crazy by any stretch, but the thought of dressing my lil nugget up like a hot dog gets my ovaries stirring a bit!
some faves:

baby gary tj!!

and my personal fave...

baby stephanie hot dog!


grensley said...

mary has a baby room, just saying. note: as aunts, we can't buy julie the woopi cushion one. she'll sit on it and kill her baby.

QuarBy said...

this is horrible!!! a baby is a person!