Tuesday, September 26, 2006

teen beat tuesday: where's my president?

i started this morning wanting to punch in my computer screen after watching sunday's interview with bill clinton on Fox News with chris wallace. i am very thankful that i have this outlet through which to vent my frustration with the world, as well as my feelings of love and older man brainiac crush town on william jefferson clinton. here's just a little recap:

you can either read a transcript of it here or watch the video here.

here's a clip of his appearance on the daily show last week:

if you have a month or two to dedicate to reading his memoir, my life, you should definitely read it. his brains will make you feel teen beated.

also, here's a link to david remnick's recent feature on billy c. in the new yorker.


grensley said...

hopefully that piece ruined contessa's career. if not, i think i will take up praying.

Audrey said...

Clinton is truely amazing. But my buddy, Al Gore is hotter. I love ya, Al!