Thursday, September 21, 2006

The unitard

My love for the unitard did not begin with the video I posted yesterday. Oh no, it spans far back to the glorious days of my youth on stage. I wanted to be a dancer. With no formal training, except three years of tap and a few belly dancing lessons, my hope was that I could don my sleek and sexy unitard and camel toe my way to the top. After being rejected by the 11th grade Dance Production, I quickly changed my lifelong dream to something much more attainable – movie star!

But this post is not about me, it is about the unitard. That glorious single piece of fabric that, while covering the whole body, leaves nothing to the imagination. The invention that allows the body to move freely, with no concern of a pesky thong up your ass. It’s like a leotard, only with legs, making it that much more incredible.

I now have a new lifelong dream: bring back the unitard.

I see Americans of every shape, size and stature wearing them to work, to bars and to the laundrymat.

I see people of every age, race and creed wearing unitards of all colors of the rainbow.

I see all of God’s children able to join hands and sing “My country, ‘tis of thee. Sweet land of unitards.”

This is my dream. And I shall start it off.

Who’s with me???


erin is gross said...

i think you can buy outfits like that at american apparell! you should work out some sort of deal with them. you're a natural for modeling their goods.

grensley said...

i already told you i am. i just need to purchase one. i'll start wearing them with jeans to build up confidence and take it from there. i'll have to be sure to not drink to much though...

QuarBy said...

i love words with "tard" at the end.

fetishexplorer said...

unitards are great, we need more women to wear them for sure. On a daily basis ;)