Friday, September 15, 2006

hipsters are ruining democracy.

I love Blue States Lose--Gawker's weekly installment of sarcastical commentary on the retarded cadre of photos wasting space on The Cobra Snake, Last Night's Party, etc. The best part of my Friday morning ritual of sipping decaf coffee and surfing the web starts and ends with the Alex Blagg's hilarious ribbing of all the fucktards who frequent Misshapes, Motherfucker and the like. I promise you'll love it too. Here's an undeniable reason why Blue State Lose was tailor made for you, me and everyone we know.

Last Night's Party. Trash Projection photo #4504: Remember right before the '04 election, when you were watching The Daily Show every night, reading a lot of liberal blogs, listening to Bright Eyes and sayin' "Fuck yeah!" everytime David Cross told a joke ripping on how retarded the right really is? You felt optimistic, like good might actually prevail, and that it would be inconceivable to imagine America giving Bush four more years worth of chances to utterly destroy everything we've accomplished as a species thus far. Well, here's why you lost, why you'll always lose, and why the only political postion worth taking is in the safety of a well-stocked bomb shelter.


grensley said...

that just made my day

Anonymous said...

i miss joey arak.

laurin said...

i feel you on that one anon.