Tuesday, September 05, 2006

an evening of WTF?

on sunday night a few of us headed down to the rickshaw stop in order to "fuck burningman," which is almost so double middle finger central at both fucking the man (at his burning) and then also fucking the fucking of the man (at fucking of fuck burningman). that was a lot of eff words, sorry if you're a kid or if you love jesus or something or if you just didn't follow that at all.

so here's a quick (actually very long) photographic recap that we assume will make you say, "wtf?"

apparently it's entirely acceptable to be passed out at 1am on a couch when you're too young to drive. good thing you've got such loyal and capable friends who can surely see you to safety.

audrey and summer unsuccessfully try to explain to stephanie the concept of girth.

this is one reason why living in san francisco never gets old.

i became very fascinated by this man (i swear) the moment i saw him. he was wearing a first grade teacher's sweater and his mom's glasses. look how good stephanie and audrey are at making it only slightly less obvious that i'm taking pictures of strangers.

here we see mom/19 yr old dude taking a sexy photo of his girlfriend/daughter/sister. teenagers really know how to get sexy. not that i know or anything. oh yeah, and look at stephanie's sweet jacket.

all night i was like, "where are my two friends with brown hair?" and then all of a sudden stephanie makes a weird face and out they come.

this is battle axe. they finished up the night in massive "wtf?" fashion and apparently (sorry, mom) they have too many butts to fuck. and a fan who enjoys lavendar fishnet.


New Agey No Friends said...

ooftanza... all of sudden my labor day weekend seems awful lameass.

love that 1st grade teachers interactive play shirt.

QuarBy said...

you've done it again, erin. i have just been infotained.

grensley said...
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grensley said...

the man who is wearing the lavender fishnet also enjoys dancing. it was really quite fascinating, as was most the night.

stephanie said...

sunday night just showed us all once again that enough booze can really save any evening.
okay fine... it was actually the company of all of my rad fat fucking sluts. uh... i mean awesome swell ladypals.
battle axe ruined me forever.