Monday, September 04, 2006

Tragedy strikes

Today, we lost a man unlike any other.

A fearless warrior.

A Crocodile Hunter.

Farewell, Steve Irwin. You shall be missed by human and beast alike. Fatally stung in the prime of your life. You died doing what you love. But like your own passion, you cannot tame the wild.

STEVE IRWIN 1962-2006


erin is gross said...


Anonymous said...

who ever said that is so very rude. i dont care about stars i dont like but i knew steve irwin had a show. but i didnt really watch it that much, but i am really sad because he had a passion for something i did to. animals. i love animals i would never hurt them.
he died doing something he really loved. he had already lost his dog she died now he is dead. why would you say that the really doesnt comfort the family. if you are going to say really rude things like that about someone who just died then keep it to yourself because that is very wrong. And steve if you can see down here we all know you are a great person and we love you for your enthusiasm and the way you have a passion for animals. i am so glad that you spent that much time with your family and friend and children. And i am so so so sorry irwin family♥♥♥

in loving memory of the great cocodile hunter Steve irwin. Crocs rule to you steve

erin is gross said...

i'm not sure if you all are aware of the msn messenger emoticon that i call "herb." but if you are, i hope you will all understand why i wish i could use him right now.

stephanie said...
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stephanie said...

i think the anonymous comment belongs in the "wtf" post. not this one.
also... audrey seriously wrote that post outta pure love. not kidding... the woman had a croc hunter obsession... action figure and all.