Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Aye, it's drivin' me nuts.

Ahoy ye scurvy sea dogs!

Let me be the first to wish everyone a very happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. As many of you know, today is one of my favorite holidays. My fifth favorite, in fact, after Christmas, Passover, Halloween and Bay to Breakers. That may not sound impressive, but notice that it beat Easter, Yom Kippur and Veterans’ Day. But I digress.

What’s important is that today, more than any other day, people talk like pirates. Whether this means greeting your friends with a hearty “Yo ho” or ending every sentence with “Aaargggh,” making a visit to Dave Eggers’ store or raping and pillaging some small port villages, I hope you celebrate this holiday in your own special way.

Not sure how to talk like a pirate? Here’s a helpful video:

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QuarBy said...

good stuff. it sounds like the voice of john hodgman.