Monday, September 18, 2006

portland goodies

hey pals. i just returned from a few days in portland and was hoping to write a sweet post that recapped it all but i'm so frickin' tired that coherent sentences are a lil' too hard right now and i need to take a nap so i don't fall on my face tonight at the panther/ratatat show. anyway, i had an awesome time up there, as always, so i figured i'd post this vid of the thermals (a portland band) which was directed by whitey mcconnaughy (a portland director who made the rad panther video) in honor of my weekend adventure. i like this song just fine, but i love the panther (also from portland but rockin' our worlds in sf tonight) cameo. don't blink.

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erin is gross said...

i saw your boyfriend. your married boyfriend.