Tuesday, February 27, 2007

teen beat tuesday: oscar after parties

(LAURIN - the OC spoiler alert. don't read the first part of this post)

i've written about the hotness of the oc before. as you might have read in my eulogy to the OC, i was correct in predicting the earthquake, which did not send the OC babez into the ocean, but made sure that the cohens are now our neighbors to the east. i can't wait to stalk them. anyway, the OC is now gone, but not forgotten. seth cohen is now out on the town (seen below at the vanity fair oscars party), stoned out of his gourd and looking fine as sugar.

i'm not sure what kind of man can get away with wearing pleated 8th grade dance z-cavarichi civil war pants, but holy shits and giggles he looks like a bone-o-thon.

adam brody is out on the town looking so fresh and clean in promotion of his new movie, in the land of women, which me and my friends will be vaginating all over come april 20:

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laurin said...

thanks for the spoiler warning erin. you're da bomb. i'm obsessed with the movie and will be there with bells on.