Tuesday, February 13, 2007

teen beat: only the total opposite of that

this is chyna doll after an appearance on the howard stern show. i am currently facing an onslaught of issues after looking at this for several minutes on end. a few of them are:
1. if you're going to stuff large water balloons into your boob sacks, can't you also lift them up so they don't look like saggy boulders?

2. why does she look like axl rose in like 10 more years?

3. in 10th grade when i worked at judy's in the mall, that microfiber fabric with diamondy buckles was really hot. especially in colors like red wine, forest green and beige. i think she must have shopped at south coast plaza in 1993. barf tastic.

4. her hand is bigger than her whole head.

5. oh, she's just so gross, i can't look anymore.


laurin said...

i can't disagree that chyna doll looks like a washed up tranny hooker with a botched boob job in this photo but that doesn't change the fact that i have mad love for the woman. she is the best thing about the surreal life and i want take rubber chicken shots with her one night!

billy said...

i concur. with laurin.

chyna doll is my joie de vivre.