Monday, February 05, 2007


in additional superbowl news, last night prince performed the best half time show ever. there were some wtf? moments including the presence of this woman who looked like hollywood from mannequin dressed in a white sausage casing. aaaand this:

do you see that dong outline? it's really his guitar, but holy crap. i'm beginning to think that the superbowl douche wads are planning this on purpose. between janet's nipple and prince's dong guitar, i think it's deliberate. here's the full video, ffwd until about 7 minutes in.


stephanie said...

i had no idea how much i could love the superbowl.

grensley said...

conversation with my mum...
me: "did you watch the halftime show?"
mum: "he's a very unique performer..."
me: "did you notice that..."
mum: "his guitar looked like a penis. yes!!"

gotta love mom!

Audrey said...

See, I thought the neck of the guitar looked like his penis and the squiggly thing underneath - those are his long, squiggly balls, much like Cisco Adler.