Monday, February 05, 2007

Those clever pornographers

Have you ever tried to go to craiglist dot com? That is, you’re aiming for the much loved craigslist dot org to buy a desk, find a catsitter or leave a missed connection for the cute hipster on the bus with whom you’re SURE you exchanged glances with, but you accidentally forget the S on “craigs” and you mistakenly type “.com” instead of “.org.”

No? Well let me tell you what happens, you get to the “Best XXX sex on the web.” And it’s nearly impossible to click out of with all the pop ups and the blinking cumshot ads. Even if you’re in your cube at work and your boss is quickly approaching to review those drafts you just finished. She will inevitably see the bright red list of features on your screen that craiglist dot com has to offer.

Forget the Community, Personals and For Sales that its sister site “Craigslist” has to offer. This site proudly presents, in alphabetical order:

Big Tit
Hot Anal
Hot Fat

This leaves me with a number of questions. Why are Jugs listed under “J” while Tit is listed under “B” for Big Tit And on that note, why is there only one Big Tit? What happened to the other one? Is that one smaller? Why is Asses listed under “A” whereas Anal is listed under “H” for Hot Anal? It makes no sense.

I’m going to commend this site on it’s cleverly chosen URL, however it is clearly lacking in quality control when it comes to consistency.

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