Monday, February 12, 2007

favorite grammy wtfs?

1. since when is jerry springer the drummer for the police?

2. why is this bitch so lucky? (robyn troup won a chance to sing/dance with justin and ti, two of the hottest dudes EVER).

3. since when is ludacris a total fox?

4.'s silver blue tooth ear decoration.
(photo to come, i just can't find one anywhere!)

5. chris brown is apparently on par with smokey robinson and lionel richie. i'm not sure how that can be the case considering he didn't sing at all during his performance. but holy crap, that dude can dance. video to come. for now, look at this photo! my uterus hurts.

the video, as promised:

look at those cute little kids! like kitties, i wish they stayed that small forever.


stephanie said...

i'd like to add that little part at the end of justin's first performance, when he uses that hand held camera to film himself, to this list of wtf's. don't get me wrong... i'm a j.t. lover. however, that whole part was yucky.

laurin said...

i agree with stephanie. he looks weird in the up close hand held camera angle. also, WTF was up with imogen heap's hair? it literally looked like she sprouted a garden out of her skull. grrrrooooooooooooos.

grensley said... will be at my work tomorrow. would you like me to ask him about it... he's on at 2:30. you are invited.