Friday, February 23, 2007

GNO: the aftermath

since it's a little slow in the "stuff to read" category around here, i'm going to give you something to look at. last saturday a group of us girls headed out for what's known as a GNO (girls night out, it has nothing to do with the gynecologist). we all scurried down to the marina to visit our newly remodeled favorite dance hovel called the hifi! if you don't live in san francisco, the marina is the spot where you live if you're 23 and move to san francisco to work at some kind of banking institution. or where you go if you're going to be 30 in a week and you want lots of sweaty men to talk to you and your friends. here are some of the specimens we encountered:
when lizzy drinks, someone gets to wear a backpack. in this case, he looked like a nascar driver.

tina and the singer of live were just chillin, with very aggressive mouths.

this might win the award for best photo ever. lizzy broing out with thom yorke and an italian soap star.

for some reason these guys didn't mind that i kept calling them harold and kumar. lindsay is stoked.

this is stephanie and someone i'll call vincent. i don't know if that was actually his name but he looks like vincent donofrio and he's wearing a turtle neck like artist vincent van gogh might have done.
this is blaine. his beamer is parked outside. later he will become werewolf.

remember in that prince song for batman called "bat dance" when someone (maybe it's from the actual movie) yells "THIS TOWN NEEDS AN ENEMA." exactly. and that other guy is just sweaty with razor sharp hair.

sorry the photos are so erin-heavy. i was holding the camera and was responsible for documenting the douchetards. here's vincent again. oh and the guy who tina ripped her arms off so she could him with them. see:



laurin said...

amputeena is the best name ever invented!

erin is gross said...

amputeena naming rights go to lindsay.

first prize in douche attraction goes to lizzy. they must have smelled her young blood.

grensley said...

blaine = braveheart from the carebears

manders said...

have you ever seen the film dog fight starring river phoenix and lili taylor (sp?).

i hope y'all involve some kind of cash prize next GNO for "photo with douchiest man."

stephanie said...

blaine = pretty in pink james spader

Jessica said...

these were rich! irvine spectrum next time?