Monday, July 17, 2006

observations from the o.c.

for the past few days i've been down in laguna soaking in some sunshine, enjoying the warm ocean, and unfortunately observing what seems to be a serious battle for first place in a ruthless "worst guy ever" competition. while the weather and scenery were amazing, the potential company of most of my fellow beachgoers was less than desirable. after 4 days of judging what seemed to be a rugged contest amonst the locals to see who can be the most douchebaggiest, heather and i both agreed that this fellow shall be deemed "worst guy ever" for the summer of 2006. congratulations sir, may your highlights, painful tan and air guitar serve you, and your fellow o.c.ers well.

(please note that a still pic of this dude really does not do him justice. there's just no way to capture his underbitelicious airguitar and foot tap other than a video which we tried three times to get and failed. his wife started looking at us a lil' funny, so we stopped being jerks for the rest of the day. oh, and i apologize if this man is anyone who reads this blogs relative. however, if he is, he told me to ask you for a new limp bizkit album for xmas.)


Audrey said...

You got my cousin Brad's best side. He'll be so stoked.

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