Monday, July 17, 2006

garden state part duex

seriously people. garden state was cute and all but it was far from groundbreaking. do we really need to recreate the script again but this time...deep it to the "thirty somethings?!?" the soundtrack ain't that different either. just more sensative, whiny indie rock that you can get laid to.

i for one do not need to be reminded that gettin older sucks. but who the hell am i anyway? i doubt i'm alone feeling just sliiighty sick of zach braff and his "crossroad of life" love stories. he simply doesn't do it for me. in this destined-to-be fall blockbuster the plot unfolds as "anxieties threaten the future of a domesticated couple." man, those must be some crazy anxieties. ah silly 30-year olds. the one, and possible only bonus to this film is rachel bilson, aka summer roberts from the show you love or love to hate, the oc. also, notice his "domesticated" flame in the movie is none other than jacinda from the real world london. i guess reality tv can get you somewhere. who knew? certainly not him, or her, but possibly this guy if only for his hit song (see below) and his 2004 run-in with johnny law. you get the picture.

i'll see this shit though.

David Broom - Come on Be My Baby Tonight


New Agey No Friends said...

How do they know that she was LITERALLY a $10 hooker?

grensley said...

jacinda was from real world london, duh.