Thursday, July 12, 2007

today is the greatest day because i will go to zeitgeist

anyone who knew me when i was 17-20 had to look at billy corgan's arguably funky looking face plastered all over my walls. if they were unfortunate enough to know me during those years, they probably had to endure a lot of fan dorky conversations about the smashing pumpkins. for those who know me now, i have pretty much not changed at all and they too have to pretend like i'm their little sister at the mall and not a 30 year old with a job. anyway, all of this aside, if you've looked at the internet over the past several months, you know that "the smashing pumpkins" are back together. i'm not quite buying this, as i don't see no d'arcy and i don't see no james, but whatever. i actually find their new single to be quite awesome, they've picked a great artist to design the cover artwork and the record shares a name with my favorite bar, where i will be sitting within the hour.

i was just looking at the interwebs and found this:

i remember staying up "late" to watch this when i was in high school. i remember enjoying every minute of billy's snaggly teeth. back then i was 17. now i'm 30 and now he's 40:

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