Thursday, July 05, 2007


on tuesday evening, we ended up driving through the marina. given that it was the night before the fourth of july it was essentially a friday, so the douche crew was out in full effect. this was especially true outside a mysterious establishment called M.S.B. we immediately understood that it was the Marina Sushi Bar, however, what if we were not so smart and intuitive? what if we were left to fill in the initialized blanks on our own? well, we decided to do just that and came up with the following list of possible names for the tentatively monikered M.S.B.

My Shitty Boyfriend
Mystery Syphilis Bumps
Massive Sutures Bleeding
Moist Sweaty Balls
Mangled Soiled Bologna
Mangina Smeared (with) Banana
Mongolian Sucky BBQ
Mucho Sucky Bitchface
My Sore Bagina
Monkies Stumpy Butthole
Man Soaked Baguette
anyone have anything else to add?

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