Friday, July 06, 2007

air douche

a few weeks ago me and some pals went to bfd, a very live douchery put on by live 105. i was excited to see such acts as queens of the stoneage and interpol. it was a shame that by the time they played my 216 ounces of bud light had worn off and also, i was being perpetually pelted by trash. it was awesome. here are two highlights.

in this video we see a man doing what i call the "air douche." he is lassoing, doing air fish (like out of a window of a car), smacking dat ass and other hand motions. all to the beat of what is actually a really good band! who knew?

and here we have matt's best friend and hopefully the father of some alternateen who was losing her frenching virginity while sum 41 was playing


and from the back:

yellow head


laurin said...

the laso by far is my favorite move ever!

Audrey said...

omg, I used to go to bfd every year when I was at bhs (Berkeley High School).