Friday, July 06, 2007

in honor of america week

I was in the gym the other day and what comes on the CNN classics channel...none other than the hot shit 80s show American Gladiators. This moment in television glory holds a dear place in my heart. The show was amazing--horrible and embarrassing, yes--but you couldn't help but love it for all its douchey glory. Nothing says American prowess more than a bunch of roided up body builders with names like Malibu, Vulcan, Wolf, Blaze competing in ridiculous costumes and fighting in hilarious battles of tug-o-war, powerball and whiplash. I'm totaling putting together a petition to bring this show back!

The above video is the Season One intro clip. It is painful. Honestly I think it was produced by mentally challenged 5 year olds. I mean the audio doesn't even match the visual for eff's sake. I don't think you could find a better example of why this show was simultaneous horrible and brilliant than this.


grensley said...

saturday morning line-up: SBTB, into california dreams followed-up by a solid hour of american gladiators. by that time my eyes would bug out and i would be upset because the atlasphere looked so much cooler than it actually was. watching someone being rammed in a human-sized, hamster ball is lame.

erin is gross said...

i met nitro at the mall in 1989.