Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i'm not going to lie, the hilary duff edition

1. i think hilary duff is sort of (sorry about the use of this word) sexy.
2. somehow that is highlighted by the video below. it's not the princess jasmine outfit, it's not the belly dancing, i think it's the way she makes the camera talk to the hand.
3. i thought, in some strange inverted universe sort of way, that she slightly dedouched the madden.
4. i can't stop watching this video.
5. i sort of love this song.
6. i need someone to come punch me in the face.
EDIT: somehow, dick clark productions removed all videos of her on that awesome show, so you think you can dance. i mean, the actual music video is actually more entertaining because the dude is hot and her face decorations are more elaborate.

do any of my good friends notice her mini/baby hoodie? do you now see how ahead of trends i am? face!

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