Wednesday, June 20, 2007

rockstar chefs: a mission in stalking

hi. this past weekend i went to aspen for the a food and wine festival. it was pretty much awesome. i am kind of a fan dork stalker by nature and in aspen, these instincts came out full force. you can see from the photos below that me and my camera felt right at home.

this is at a party on saturday night. that arrow is pointing to ilan hall who one the second season of bravo's top chef. he's wicked cute.
this is emeril signing some books with a lot of moms.

this is me and my friend amy. that guy behind us is the iron chef morimoto. he's about 3 feet tall and has shiny hair. this lady running the starbucks booth at the party took the picture for us.

this was taken from the audience at some auction i had to go to. that's bobby flay cooking some food and on the screen to the left is tom colichio who's the host on top chef. did you guys know how bro-y most chefs are? they also drink a lot, so i like them.
lastly and perhaps most importantly we have sam talbot, he got third place on the last season of top chef. he's this breed of guy who will make you want to hump air when strangers are around. he's tall and buff in an ok way and can wear a pink shirt without, uninterested in women. he also shaved his head and was free of offensive man jewelry. i had two very uncomfy encounters with him, but we managed to bond over his ex girlfriend with the same name is me. i can't imagine being one of those people who can make people strip on sight. how fun that would be. lucky sam.


billy said...

no barefoot contessa?!

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