Wednesday, June 06, 2007

personal douche chills

ok, i have been kind of wanting to kill myself lately due to work and apartment hunting and other woes. that pow pow factor just went through the roof because i just gave myself the most insane douche chills. i've been conflicted lately after a recent hotel stay when i learned who criss angel is. i had heard of him and then i accidently saw his show. then i was like, i think i should think he's hot because he has dirty gross jack white hair and a diamond hand cuff necklace which i kind of want to own. but he's such a douche, it's painful. i was like, hot or not? so i found this picture and i think he's ok looking minus some serious shit storms in the outfit department.

i was looking for photos and then i found this. and now i am going to jump out the window because it's too painful.
the only positive is that his dong looks big. or maybe it's a cup. lskdfjalsdkfjl;adfj

1 comment:

comeoncolleen said...

he looks like if david cross got a metro-goth-chic makeover. barf!