Monday, June 25, 2007

'Duncan' the dog now a registered voter

Trying to prove how easy it is to dupe the voter registration system, a Washington woman successfully registered her dog. She even had him sign it with a paw print. It took a pretty long time before anyone caught on.
Here's an excerpt:

Sure enough, the registration card arrived in the mail for "Duncan McDonald." Balogh had managed to get a registration for her Australian shepherd-terrier mix, no questions asked. "He's an independent, just like his mother," she said of her dog. Duncan filled out his ballot in September and signed it with a paw print. He didn't actually vote, but Balogh mailed his ballot to King County Elections. At first, there were still no questions being asked. "Nothing. I thought, 'what is going on here? This can't be true. Someone has to show an interest,'" Balogh said. An elections worker did show an interest in the next election. She called with questions about the signature. "She said, 'you can't sign with a paw.' I said, 'you can if you're a dog.' There was a long hesitation. She said, 'it's a dog?' I said 'yes,'" Balogh said.

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