Thursday, August 30, 2007

nugget of the week: ryan donowho

good god, get ready for a jizz fest. you may remember mr. donowho (that cannot be his real last name) from a little show many of us hold near and dear, the OC. ryan played johnny harper, the ill-fated surfer/babe/friend of marissa cooper. good lord i'm in love.

anyway, ryan is the lead in an upcoming indie film "the pacific and eddy" which was a winner at the sacramento, silverlake and lake county film festivals. from the trailer (below) it looks like the movie could probably be painful and pretentious, but i don't give a rat's ass. seeing ryan inhale cigarette smoke while contemplating life's little torments gives me a girl boner from here to new york city. speaking of which, a little known factoid about this nugget: he was discovered playing drums in an nyc subway. now i'm officially in love.

thanks shannon


erin is gross said...

FACT: johnnryan checked out or great pal lizzy in brooklyn last year. he stared hard. he's bonery in person too.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Donowho actually plays drums on one of the tracks off the Pacific & Eddy soundtrack. You can check it out here:

It's actually a really cool soundtrack.