Friday, August 17, 2007

i don't have balls

apparently some dogs get neutered. that means their nuts get chopped off. in order for dogs not to feel less manly (dogly?), they sometimes stick into their empty scrotums these things called neuticals. i was in search of some more information aka funny pictures when i came across these:

i guess this is a neutical. it kind of looks more like a albino embryo, but i perhaps i'm wrong. i also found this photo which leads me to believe that not only can dogs feel less manly, but they can also feel sad when in the hospital. nothing can cure that sadness other than a weird e.t. doll who looks more like a penis than anything else.
and this makes me think about how weird people are. i guess it's commonly assumed that dogs are for boys and cats are for girls. that's a generalization, but i can't even imagine feeling the need to put plastic jellybeans in my cat's nutsack. would any girl ever do that? i guess boys would be sad if their balls got got so they feel bad chopping off their dogs' nards. so weird.

1 comment:

Nerdest said...

i saw that once in sex and the city,

and it was disgusting,
but sexy at the same time o.o

hahahah see ya!