Thursday, October 04, 2007

wtfestival by erin

here are a few things that i'm thinking about right now. i had a shit storm of coffee this a.m. it was delicious, but i haven't eaten any food except for a rotten blueberry so i am a tweaker face.

first, the blue angels are flying around outside my building at work right now and i hate their guts. i know they are trained professionals but aren't we in a war right now? send those bitches over and show the iraqis what the fuck is up.
also, the howard stern show is the best thing ever. although there is this weird thing that happens when sarah silverman is smelling the balls of richard christy who never showers and poos his homer simpson boxers. if you LOL at your desk and someone says "what's so funny, what are you listening to?" and when you say "howard stern" people are like FUCK YOU YOU CHILD MOLESTING WOMAN HATER. eff you, v-neck sweater vest.

the dad from gossip girl is DILFy:
hung won top chef. i'm not into him. secondly, padma is a porno.

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